Dance theatre for children

A didactic path that allows to achieve and widen the educational aims so that each student can develop and grow through pedagogical and didactic stimulation that is important for the creativity.

A sort of adventure where there won’t be a simple transmission of techniques, but also their conscious use to learn how to express and communicate starting from the body language until reaching the verbal communication. The important socialising function of the activity  is the emotional state that the group create. Everyone should feel welcomed to express themselves without fear, to trust, respect and listen to each other.

Adopting a playful method we should achieve these goals:

  • Encourage the ability to think and internalize the experiences to express them in several languages.
  • Encourage the teamwork in a climate of confidence and collaboration.
  • Encourage the socialization, the knowledge of self and of their expressive possibilities.
  • Strengthen the self-esteem and the disinhibition, improving the willingness to listen and to concentrate.
  • Approaching the dance theatre as an important form of communication.