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The Clochart association is a non-profit organization: on the contrary, one of the fundamental objectives proposes it is certainly that of pursuing social solidarity purposes.

Born as a very small street theatre reality in 2012, in recent years the association has spread and continues to spread and promote a new culture of diversity, where art becomes life and life becomes art, devoting particular attention to the educational and training scope through theatre and dance performances, creative workshops and activities specifically aimed at the growth of the person who lives a situation of hardship. The association works hard to give expressive opportunities to people too often simply labelled as disabled, to get out of pure assistance logic to realize an authentic educational experience: what we propose is to be a support for normality by giving opportunities for expression to diversity. Hence the proposed routes into which all people can feel useful humans and part of a group, with the long term goal to also include the so-called disabled in the world of work and allow them to acquire autonomy.

The activities of the association and its aims are inspired by the principles of equal opportunities between men and women, both able-bodied and disabled, in full respect of the inviolable rights of the person.

Clochart promotes awareness and educational projects in the social sphere through art, theatre, dance, reading and other innovative ways of artistic experimentation all over Trentino and Italy and it stands up for the “culture of theatre”. We strive to promote knowledge and appreciation of theatre as a form of peculiar art, in all of its forms of art and live show, cultural aspects of the theatrical experience and demonstrate its educational and social value. We want “our theatre” to be an opportunity for meeting and comparison between generations and between people of different social level, which offers the possibility of accessing and appropriating body languages, also to use them in a creative and alternative way concerning daily communication, that favours the free and full expression of the self and its potential, that educates in the knowledge and respect of artistic and cultural heritage, promoting reflection on the many relationships that bind current culture with those of the past.

How have we commuted and are we commuting the aims of our project into concrete practice?

Working with disabilities has become the cornerstone of our business: we produce shows, organize events, internships and training workshops throughout the country in the field of disability and mental discomfort and we have become partners of Danzabile, the Italian network of inclusive dance. In 2018, the European year of cultural heritage, we obtained a clear recognition of our activity: the DEsPRESSO show, which includes the inclusion of people with disabilities, obtained the sponsorship of the Mibact #EuropeForCulture and numerous prizes in several national festivals.

Since 2016 we have been entrusted with the Artistic Direction of the Social Theater Gustavo Modena of Mori (Tn) with the task of taking care of the programming dedicated to families, children and schools (kindergartens, elementary and middle schools). Hence the desire of the society to give continuity to its work with a constant presence on the territory and a greater grounding in the social fabric that leads the company to invest all its resources in the creation of its own artistic space. It does this by believing in work and professionalism despite not having received any help and/or public contribution.

This is how it opens its open space in Mori in 2018: a space dedicated to theatre and dance courses, rehearsals for shows and theatrical residences.

However, Clochart collective does not forget its origins: convinced that it is necessary to offer spaces and opportunities to young companies, it becomes a permanent partner of the Green in-box Festival, a network of the most interesting production experiences in the emerging Italian scene which, through the purchase of reruns at cachet, supports the continuity of artistic research and the economic dignity of the work of the young companies of live shows.

Finally, training is and remains a pillar of the company’s activity which, through the participation and hosting of courses, workshops, internships and inclusive workshops open to all as well as constant collaboration with schools of all levels, sews relationships between the multiple identities of both the local and national territory.

Always open to new experiences, in 2019 Clochart accepts a double challenge: the artistic direction of the theatre season for the children of the Teatro San Floriano di Lizzana (Rovereto/Tn) and the creation of Meraki, a student theatre festival for the high schools of the Municipality of Rovereto (Tn).

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